Increase the use of organic fertilizer, humic acid organic fertilizer must be to force

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May 11,2018

On the afternoon of April 2, 2018, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chairman of the State Council, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and Director of the Central Financial and Economic Committee Xi Jinping presided over the first meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Commission to study the ideas and measures for fighting the three major challenges.

The meeting pointed out that party committees at all levels and all party departments (party committees) should place pollution prevention and control in important positions in various tasks, implement implementation at all levels, mobilize all parties in society, and prevent groups from spreading. We must adhere to the prevention and control of the source and adjust the "four structures" to achieve "four reductions and four increases." The first is to adjust the industrial structure, reduce excess and backward industries, and increase new growth momentum. The second is to adjust the energy structure, reduce coal consumption, and increase the use of clean energy. The third is to adjust the transportation structure, reduce the amount of road traffic, and increase the amount of railway transportation. The fourth is to adjust the structure of agricultural inputs, reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and increase the use of organic fertilizers.

Reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides, increase the use of organic fertilizers, eight methods of humic acid organic fertilizer.

1.Humic Acid Water-soluble fertilizer Pratt & Whitney has a firm belief in all humans!

2.let humic acid come from the soil to the soil to change China through the black humic acid, humic acid fertilizer, but also change the world! a new relationship between "soil and fertilizer harmony", based on the "organic-inorganic nutrient supply theory" "humic acid organic-inorganic nutrient supply theory" correct guidance.

4.five original ferrous acid production processes organized by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry are the groundbreaking monuments. Nowadays, new green technologies are emerging.

5.The national humic acid fertilizer standardization system assists the development of the industry (7 national standards, 7 industry standards, 14 humic acid standards, and local and corporate standards support, etc.).

6.The supply system of humic acid green agricultural products is complete (humic acid green environmental protection fertilizer, humic acid soil conditioner, humic acid water retention agent, humic acid degradable film, humic acid drought resistance agent, humic acid green environmental protection pesticide, etc.).

7.The application of humic acid in green agriculture in China (five major effects, two highs, three lows, and three doses, etc.) can provide solutions for the sustainable development of agriculture in the world.

8.To develop climate smart agriculture, the direction of development of low-carbon fertilizers with humic acid is clear.


The pure ore source fulvic acid technical innovations achievements of our factory are transformed to industrial production

In January, 2018, according to the configuration requirements, we completed the commissioning of all production equipment and production processes.


Product R&D center of Linhai humic acid plant independently developed pure source fulvic acid series products successfully

In 2016, Linhai Humic Acid Factory established an independent R&D team of new product technology under the leadership of the general manager


Linhai Humic Acid Factory carriesd out industrial upgrading and reconstruction project in 2017

Lingshi Linhai Humic Acid Factory was established in 2003 and, which is a member of China Humic Acid Industry Association.