Dear friends:

Linhai Humic Acid Factory in Lingshi County has been in business for more than 20 years. It can be described as 20 years of entrepreneurship, 20 years of ups and downs, and 20 years of harvest.From the early stage of entrepreneurship to the realization of modern enterprise management, a brand new page has been opened with the economic tide that keeps pace with the times.After more than ten years of unremitting hard work, our company has made great progress, and the company continues to develop and grow, and its strength is increasing day by day.We thank all walks of life for their strong support and selfless love for our company, and thank the hard-working employees in all positions! 


All along, our Linhai Humic Acid Factory has worked hard and worked hard.Adhere to serious study and fully understand the spirit of the policy, follow the guiding ideology of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, resolutely implement the national strategies of “Soil ten”, “Water Ten”, “fertilizer transformation” and “zero fertilizer growth”, and make full use of fulvic acid and humic acid fertilizers to open up a brand new world.We adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit of “integrity, dedication and innovation”, adhering to the business philosophy of “doing things seriously, seeking truth and innovation, integrity first, quality-oriented, mutual benefit, and achieving a win-win situation” and the corporate development concept of “quality for survival, innovation for development, based on a new starting point, create a new situation”, with a strong belief and perseverance to establish the product reputation and corporate image of Linhai humic acid Factory, and create a beautiful and charming landscape in the humic acid industry.


Facing the future, the company has formulated a new strategic development plan.A new mechanism, a new starting point, a new concept, and a new height.Relying on our talent advantages, scientific research advantages, and brand advantages, we are making strides towards higher strategic goals!Linhai Humic Acid Factory sincerely hopes to form a community of interests with friends and people of insight from all walks of life at home and abroad, help each other in the same boat, cooperate sincerely, form a mechanism of mutual help and mutual assistance, and strive to create a new situation of win-win cooperation and jointly write a new chapter in career development!